Would the Marketing Change if There Were No Competitors?


Would the Marketing Change if There Were No Competitors?

How would you market your products and services if there was zero competition?

If you were the only one in your category, the only option available, then what would you say to sell your work?

Sometimes brands get so wrapped up in how the work compares to other options in the marketplace that the messaging loses focus. The marketing becomes cluttered with references to other products and the potency is diluted. The reasons to buy get lost in the many different messages that are being sent to customers.

Sales suffer.

The truth is, customers are very rarely looking at your offers and competing offers side-by-side. Even in a retail environment, customers look at one item at a time. The more time and energy spent referencing the competition, the more real estate that competing product gets.

It’s okay (and often better) to pretend other products and services don’t exist unless asked. Focus instead on conveying the value of your work. Behave as if you have the customer's undivided attention, because if they're reading your website, your product packaging, or your service descriptions, then you do have that level of attention.

Most companies don't actually have to explain the differences between their work and others, and doing so is usually more distracting than compelling.

Consider if the competition didn't exist, how would you sell your work?

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