The More You See a Brand, The More You Trust It

The More You See a Brand, The More You Trust It

For better or worse, the more someone is exposed to a brand, the more credible and trustworthy that brand becomes in their mind. We all like to believe we judge things on their merits, but frequency has a substantial impact. 

And, this isn’t just true for exposure to brands, but also to people and ideas. The more familiar someone becomes, the more you begin to trust that person. The more often you hear an idea, the more credible you find it.

In psychology, this is called the Mere Exposure Effect. And, research suggest this holds true whether or not you remember seeing the idea, the person, or the brand before. So, even if you don’t remember seeing an ad, it will still influence your level of trust in a brand.

Frequency creates familiarity, and familiarity makes people feel safe and comfortable, which is automatically translated into trust and credibility.

And, the effect goes one step further. Beyond trust and credibility, frequency increases our affinity for things. So, generally speaking, the more people see a brand, a person, or an idea, the more they tend to like it or agree with it. 

Simple exposure, whether we realize it or not, positively impacts how we feel. Frequency warms us up to things without us even realizing it.

This is why It’s so hard to fight misinformation, myths, and misconceptions. It’s also why it’s so hard to compete with an established company (even if the brand is stagnant or low quality). Once something is familiar to us and rooted in our minds, it becomes harder to replace. 

Because consumers tend to like and trust what they recognize, established brands will always have an advantage.

So, factor this in when you’re growing your brand. Pay attention to frequency and reach out to your customers often, more than you think is necessary. The more they see your brand, the more familiar it becomes, and that familiarity will foster trust, credibility, and affinity.

If you’re just starting out, or if you’re competing with larger, more well-known brands, remember that frequency will impact your results. 

Of course messaging, reputation, service, and quality will always be crucial for long-term success. But, if you want a simple, proven marketing strategy, just find your target market and connect with them frequently. The more familiar you become, the more they will feel comfortable buying.

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