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brand incubators

The incubator is 2 full days in the office with Stacy. You'll bring 5-7 of your executive team members and spend 2 days diving deep into your sales and marketing process. From packaging and copywriting to visibility and social media, we'll energize your current customer base to buy and launch your brand to new customers.

If customers aren't waving their credit cards, eager to buy... then it's time for fresh strategy.

Customers should be excited to buy your products and services. Buyer motivation is the fuel of any successful business. Without it, the company can't survive long term.

In the brand incubator, sales motivation is first priority. We'll put together a full sales and marketing system that gets your current customer base motivated to buy. And, we'll create a launch strategy to reach new customers.

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Or, Start Now with...

the stacking method

Use the Stacking Method to capture the attention of your buyer and motivate them to say yes.

Whether you sell online or in person, stacking works by tapping into buyer motivation so customers are eager to buy today (and continue to come back again and again).

Build a Sales & Marketing Strategy for Your Company that Works

Your brand is unique, so your sales and marketing strategy will also be unique. But, you don't need an expensive agency or an MBA to create brilliant marketing.

In order to sell, you simply need to tap into your customer's motivation to buy. Learn exactly how to do this with The Stacking Method.

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Take Fridays Off

Set aside Fridays to work ON your business, rather than IN your business.

It's crucial to set aside time every week to focus solely on bringing more customers into your business.

Every Friday, Stacy sends out an email with sales and marketing strategy and a reminder to spend your Friday looking ahead and creating long-term profits and growth.

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