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consulting & Online Workshops

Stacy is available for team strategy sessions with organizations of all sizes. She also hosts virtual training programs and workshops for entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders worldwide. 

2-day incubator

The incubator is 2 full days of in-office consulting. You'll travel with 5-7 of your team members and spend 2 days diving deep into your sales and marketing process. From packaging and copywriting to visibility and social media, we'll build a plan to not only energize your current customer base but bring in streams of new customers.

For Big Results, Look to the Small Details

Marketing is often associated with big, sweeping campaigns, but success or failure is really determined by the tiny details. Effective sales strategy is impactful because of its nuance. A word choice, a design element, or a well-timed email can often make the difference in a sale. Through these 2 days, we'll walk through the entire customer process step by step finding ways to create an even more remarkable (and buzzworthy) customer experience, increase sales per customer, and attract new markets of buyers.

What's working? What needs to be fixed?

Together we'll hone every inch of your sales and marketing, from building an impactful first impression with prospects to nurturing lasting customer loyalty. The incubator is a laser-focused environment where we can forge a clear and profitable path forward for your brand.

2-day incubator sessions are available to companies of all sizes and stages.

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the stacking method

Summer 2021 Online Seminar

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to build sales material in a way that holds attention and converts. The Stacking Method is based on the dynamics of attention and buyer motivation, and you can use this stacking structure in any kind of sales material.

Whether you sell via a website, you sell through online advertising and social media, or if you sell in-person in a retail location or in a sales conversation in a conference, this Stacking Method can be applied to your process to make more sales.

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sales motivation program

Coming Soon

This program will deliver in-depth sales training to attendees around the world via online access.

The training will provide small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, artists, executives, and business leaders the tools to reach more customers and refresh their brands through a unique set of tools and strategy.

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Meet Stacy

Stacy Rust is a Colorado-based marketing and sales strategist. From locally-owned shops to multi-million dollar brands, she helps organizations around the globe craft the details of their marketing strategy.

With an innovative, in-depth approach to marketing and sales and over a decade of education, research, and on-the-ground experience, Stacy's strategy work allows companies to ramp up sales quickly.

After working in Creative Services at the BBC Worldwide in London, and then as an Account Executive at a private advertising agency in the US, she started her own company to provide fresh, unique strategy to business leaders around the world.

Stacy works with entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives on selling, marketing, and building strong, long-term customer relationships.

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In every company, there are 4 strategies for bringing in more customers: Differentiation, Sales Motivation, Momentum, and Outreach. Take this free assessment to find out which of these 4 strategies your company should be focusing on right now.

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