There’s branding, and then there’s BRANDING


There’s branding, and then there’s BRANDING

Branding and BRANDING are different.

Branding is something all companies do, whether they choose it consciously or not. It is how a company presents itself to the world. It's the collection of values, tone, energy, and priorities of the organization. It’s about positioning and building a specific customer atmosphere.

It’s about how to serve, how to identify your organization, and how to make decisions.

This kind of branding is not something you can opt out of. Every company must not only consider their branding, but deeply flesh out, define, and bring it to life each day.

It must be done consciously and regularly. And, it needs maintenance. Who you are as a company (your branding), exists no matter what, and it’s your job to make sure it looks and feels the way you want it to. Branding is about putting beliefs into both practice and presentation.

BRANDING is something different entirely.

BRANDING is really about repetition… the repetition of images, design elements, words, phrases, or colors that are intended to represent a company.

BRANDING is intentional and planned. It’s not something you do by accident. This kind of BRANDING is about logos, taglines, slogans, jingles, specific colors, specific images… all repeating in an effort to help customers remember and identify the organization.

Sometimes BRANDING tasteful. Sometimes it’s awful. Sometimes it’s helpful. Sometimes it’s obnoxious.

Sometimes it allows us to easily place and conceptualize a company. And, other times it distances customers from the actual people behind the logo.

BRANDING is something to consider, but you can opt out if it's not right for you.

Some marketing folks will tell you that you need BRANDING to succeed, to stand out, to grab the attention, respect, and commitment of your customers. That's not true.

Coco-Cola may benefit from BRANDING, but that doesn't mean every company needs it.

And frankly, you don't need the repetition of a logo or a tagline to win sales or customer loyalty.

And, even if you benefit from BRANDING, make no mistake, repeating an image or a slogan isn't the same as conveying a message.

BRANDING does have a place and a purpose, but use it wisely and consciously.

Branding is something every company must carefully craft and maintain. But, BRANDING is optional.


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