Accelerate Your Skills with DIY “Conference Days”

Accelerate Your Skills with DIY “Conference Days”

Sometimes when I find a great business article, a podcast episode about marketing, a presentation, or a new report, I dive into it right away.

Sometimes I save it and read it later that evening.

Other things pile up.

So, to get through those materials, I schedule occasional “conference days”. I put these days in my calendar and I go through all of the educational material that I’ve set aside as if it were my own custom business conference.

(Sometimes it’s 2 full days.)

I pull together everything that’s been stacking up, eliminate anything that I no longer want to read or watch, and then put it all into a "conference day".

Batching the educational materials together allows me to commit completely to the learning. I don’t feel pressure to watch a presentation between meetings or force myself to read a quick article before bed.

I set aside a full day, get a pot of coffee going, take notes, and focus.

I enjoy the learning energy of a conference, it reminds me of college. But, this is even better because I get to focus on the topics that I’m most interested in.

When you design your own “conference days”, they consist of only the things you’re most excited to learn.

Try it, and see what you think.

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