Starving Marketing

Starving Marketing

Everyone makes bad decisions when they’re starving. 

Your mouth is watering, stomach aching with hunger. 

You walk into the grocery store. 

The decisions are endless. 

Everything looks good. 

Even the things you normally don’t eat look good. 

Your mouth starts watering even more. 

You have 2 options:

One… grab the first thing you see and chow down. 

Or two… spend an hour debating, picking things up, putting things back, paralyzed by all the choices, finding it impossible to make a decision, while getting ever hungrier. 

Many companies make this same mistake with marketing. 

Marketing is a reaction to slow month. 

Marketing is knee-jerk response to an unexpected dip in revenue. 

They see the numbers, they see that business has slowed down, they panic and immediately look around at what everybody else is doing in their category. 

Marketing is a trip to grocery store when they're starving. 

So, they do one of 2 things... 

One... they grab the first thing they see and try it out without discernment, without vision, and without a solid strategy. 

Or two... they end up paralyzed by the world of options and end up doing nothing, wandering the aisles completely overwhelmed. 

But, there’s a third choice... 

Don’t go straight to the grocery store when you’re hungry. 

Before you go, take a few minutes to decide exactly what you want. 

First, determine exactly what you’re craving. 

Dream up an amazing meal, find the recipe, and then go to the store. 

You’re in and out in 5 minutes. 

And, you're satisfied. 

The same is true in business. 

Don't skip the planning part. 

Consciously, deliberately choose your marketing strategy. 

Step outside. 

Take a deep breath. 



Decide exactly what you want. 

Determine your marketing goals. 

Consider your specific brand, your unique set of customers, and your voice in the marketplace... 

Take your time when crafting your marketing message. 

Learn, sample, study... 

Get a few recipes. 

Then, go to the store. 

Then, execute your plan. 

Because, everybody's marketing is bad when they're starving.

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