May the Smartest Marketer Win...

May the Smartest Marketer Win...

The marketing world is a bit like a kitchen sink...

And, by kitchen sink I mean a sink FULL of everything in your kitchen.



An overwhelming kind of full.

It's the kind of kitchen sink that you witness at 9pm on Thanksgiving... the sink that makes you want to eat those last 3 pieces of pumpkin pie, watch football, and slip into a food coma.

The marketing world is like that.

There are about a billion ways to market your products and services.

Getting the word out about the things you sell... there are endless ways to do that.

Most companies look at that sink and immediately start sifting through it, trying out strategy after strategy, adopting tactic after tactic, looking for what works.

Marketers often read books, skim articles, and listen to workshops to try to figure out which strategies are best.

And with the arrival of the internet, that kitchen sink grows bigger every day.

There are always new marketing methods to try.

So, what works?

Which dishes are worth washing and which can wait?

Instead of sifting through the pile and trying out marketing strategy after marketing strategy... the most successful companies take a step back.

Rather than using the latest marketing tactic to sell products and services, smart brands channel their efforts toward a different, more profitable goal.

The most savvy companies know that marketing is less about the tactics you use to sell and more about WHO you sell to.

They don't use marketing as a means to sell a given product or service. 

Instead, they use marketing to build a community of buyers. 

They have one simple goal... connect with the ideal customer. 

And, everything else falls away.

It's this important shift that transforms that overwhelming kitchen sink into a handful of forks. 

When you make this your primary goal, you only need to ask yourself one question when determining your marketing strategy... "will this improve my relationship with my customer?" 

Marketing becomes manageable, simple, and straightforward.

With that one question, it no longer matters what the latest trend is or what the competition is doing. 

The only thing that matters is your specific customer. 

One customer. 

Your best customer. 

How can you connect to that person in a better way?

How can you create a better buying experience?

How can you build the relationship?And, the answer will be unique to your company.

The marketing that comes from that question will be different than anyone else in your industry. 

It will be utterly unique, fresh, memorable, and almost always effective. 

Create a connection with one person. 

Serve one person well. 

And then repeat. 

Soon you'll have a large group of people that love your work (and will probably do the marketing for you). 

Because instead of trying out different marketing tactics, you'll have built an audience that not only buys your stuff, but shares your message and rallies behind your work. 

They'll spread the word on your behalf. 

They'll bring their friends to your doorstep. 

Your marketing will almost take care of itself. 

It's this kind of focus that will allow you to step gracefully out of the rat race and into the world of lasting, long-term, powerful results.

Don't do what everyone else is doing and scramble over the latest marketing trend or frantically join the hottest new social network.

Keep your eye on your one most important asset, your customer.

Because the smartest marketers don't compete, they don't scramble, and they don't worry about the kitchen sink.

They have one goal, one focus, and they always win.

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