Maybe You're Not an Expert


Maybe You're Not an Expert

Maybe you're not an expert. 

And, maybe that’s okay. 

Maybe that’s great. 

Maybe that’s actually better

Because, the word "expert" is relatively meaningless. 

There's no objective definition. 

And many people who are "experts" are self-proclaimed anyway. 

But being an "expert" isn't the only way to present your expertise, your skills, and your talents. 

Being successful doesn't hinge on attaining "expert" status. 

In fact, credibility is another beast entirely. 

And, authority can be built in a myriad of ways. 

If you choose, you can avoid the murky “expert” territory altogether. 

And, it requires only one thing. 


The courage to be honest. 

The courage to speak your mind. 

The courage to share your story. 

The courage to do things different. 

The courage to keep learning, adjusting, and reinventing yourself. 

The courage to put your ideas out for others to see. 

Most folks want to be dubbed an "expert" because they believe it will bring them accolades, attention, and an audience. 

But, bringing your work into the spotlight takes more than "expertise". 

Capturing the attention of a market, remaining relevant for the long term, and building a customer base requires a set of skills that go beyond a chosen field of expertise. 

It takes a willingness to be bold. 

A willingness to show up in a big way. 

A willingness to be honest, transparent, and connected. 

A willingness to understand your customer and serve them well. 

You actually don’t need to be an “expert” to get people to listen to you.

You don’t need to be an “expert” to lead an organization.

You don’t need to be an “expert” to build a stream of loyal customers.

You don't need to be an "expert" to be paid handsomely for what you do.

And expertise alone won't get you there anyway. 

Forget about being an "expert". 

Success is much bigger and better than that.


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