Smart Companies Build a Group of Customers


Smart Companies Build a Group of Customers

Here's what most companies do... 

They work hard on a product, service, book, or idea. 

They build the website.

They hammer out the delivery.

They set their launch date.

They place the final, finishing touch.

Then, they release it.

They spend time, energy, and money presenting their work to the world.

Maybe they buy some advertisements.

They make some phone calls.

They might even get featured in the media.

And, when it's all done, they evaluate their results, learn from their mistakes, and do it all over again.

This strategy works, but it's got a "trial-and-error" quality baked into it.

"Make something... show it to the world... evaluate results... repeat."  

Smarter brands add another layer to this process. 

This layer allows their efforts to snowball over time. 

This layer is made up of people.Smart brands not only create great products and services...

They also work on building a group of people to support those creations. 

They devote their time to building connections and relationships with their audience that move them out of "trial-and-error" mode and into bigger and bigger paydays.

They adjust their marketing strategy from one-way communication, to building a community that thrives with ongoing conversation, social sharing, and buzz. 

They create an environment where folks don't just buy once, but keep coming back for more... 

And, customers not only love their purchases, they start bringing their friends and spreading the word.

Because of this added layer... because they are focused not on one-time sales but on building lifelong customers... each new product launch organically gets larger and more profitable.  

Over time customers get happier and happier. Instead of creating product after product hoping one sticks, smart brands build a lasting asset (a group of customers) that will grow exponentially all on its own. 

This is the most important part of building a company, a brand, and a legacy. 

People make ideas, products, and services spread across markets. 

People make the difference. Some brands build stuff and put it on the shelf for sale. 

The smartest brands build a group of customers and enjoy a lifetime of growth.


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