take fridays off

take fridays off

Set aside Fridays to work ON your business, rather than IN your business.

It's crucial to set aside time every week to focus solely on bringing more customers into your business.

Every Friday, Stacy sends out an email with sales and marketing strategy and a reminder to spend your Friday looking ahead and creating long-term profits and growth.

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(You Don't Have to Take The Whole Day Off)

You don't have to set aside an entire day for marketing and company growth. It can be a half-day or even just a couple of hours.

But, it's important to schedule some time on the calendar.

Without dedicated time each week, marketing projects are too often ignored or pushed aside. The companies that grow quickly and profitably are those that make marketing a priority and schedule in that time every week.

(*Also, your information will never be shared with a 3rd party.)

Meet Stacy

Stacy Rust is a Colorado-based marketing and sales strategist. From locally-owned shops to multi-million dollar brands, she helps organizations around the globe craft their marketing strategy and bring in more sales.

With an innovative, in-depth approach to marketing and sales and over a decade of education, research, and on-the-ground experience, Stacy's strategy work allows companies to ramp up sales quickly.

After working in Creative Services at the BBC Worldwide in London, and then as an Account Executive at a private advertising agency in the US, she started her own company to provide fresh, unique strategy to business leaders around the world.

Stacy works with entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives on selling, marketing, and building strong, long-term customer relationships.

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